Bart Enjoys His Hotel Room

Time to kick back and relax after all that prancing with my human.

What the heck is this?

Hmmmm.  What is in the drawer?

Bart found the secret stash of biscuits!

Time to adjust the climate controls.

Microwave popcorn, anyone?

What is the mystery item?

Why, it is a coffee holder.  Choupo highly recommends them for recreational chewing. 

No, we did not rob WalMart.  It's the loot from our Chinese Auction winnings.

Andy struggles to get Bart to sit with the loot.

Bart discovers the snack basket!!!

I'm hungry.  I'm always hungry. 

Hello, Freida, this is Bart in room 217, could you send me some "good towels?"

Oh, and some sponges.