Friday, April 17

suspicious activity
After the seminar. Is there suspicious activity going on?

"Mmmmm... I see lunch!"


The Neil Armstrong Museum  museum sign... no pets allowed!
The Neil Armstrong Museum. Good thing we didn't want to visit (this time).

Nobody has pet me in at least 5 minutes.

museum as seen by drunk old people

View outside our window... if you were one of the drunk old people...

museum as seen by everyone else

... or, the way the rest of us saw it... at 12:30 AM.

Saturday, April 17

Oh the indignity!

Best of Breed - Congratulations Choupo!!!!

Second-best breakfast within 50 yards of the hotel:

No extra charge for hair in your waffles. Oh, and notice the phone, conveniently located in case of any emergencies.

waffle house sign
The beacon of... the second best breakfast within 50 yards of the hotel.  Please be aware that Bob Evans closes at 9:00pm!

Some Photos from outside the Neil Armstrong Museum: