Friday, April 16th

Wapakoneta, Ohio

Met up with Cindy, Tracey and Millie for the seminar.

A female cardinal attempts to join the seminar.
Met Estrelas for the first time!

The cardinal really wants into the seminar.
Trash can at the seminar "christened" by Choupo.
Initial attempts to use hotel phone to order pizza are fruitless.
The pizza arrived faster than it took to order it.
Pizza was awesome!

Millie stumps Andy by asking for a serviette.

Asti joins the seminar.

We're hoping the cardinal will not harm herself hitting the window for the third time.
Seminar ends - we learned a lot about UKC rules and regulations.  Denise did a great job!

Room 119 is the site of a mystery - just how did that hole get in the blanket and who shredded that pillow and headset?

Spent time outside with everyone - the weather was gorgeous.

Tracey and Cindy make a new friend -- Wigglebutt

Poop bag supply is exhausted.

Wind blows potential poop bag past us - Andy is unable to catch it.
Followed Millie to the fairgrounds.

Hung around trying to help - feeling a bit unwanted by show people.

Asti plots to be released from his crate

Could this have been caused by our comparisons of the bands to gummy worms?

We get to watch Asti... or is he watching us?

We take Asti for a walk. Pooper scooper tested and found functional. "Is that a Leonberger?"

Three rings, three ring steward helpers
Whew!  Were we ever relieved we could just watch.

The food truck arrives at the show.
Diesel exhaust is not a very appetizing scent.

Millie gets a hamburger of suspicious origins
We decline a taste
Show begins.

We take Asti for another walk. "That's a small Leonberger!"

We wonder if there is a difference between a good toupee and a bad toupee?

Ring 3 judge needs a nitro patch
current CPR certification might be a good idea

Many people seem to enjoy Millie's accent.
Bob Evans has the gall to close for the night.
Show ends and we head back to the hotel

Traverse the maze to find the Texas Roadhouse in Lima

We can thank the Razzlesnake Margarita for some excellent "monkey on the Border Collie" impressions.
Dinners arrive

Tracey makes the night of the guy who cooked the steaks (hey, she just complimented his cooking!)

Find the easier route to return to the hotel.

Partake of adult beverages in Room 119.
Grumble in our room while the old people party and smoke past midnight two doors down from us.  Start to wonder why we bothered with a non-smoking room.
Old people finally run out of steam... or else just close the door.

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