Specialty List Attendees/Accomodations

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Anti-PNI sign for motel/hotel door - click here.

Lynne M. Heslip - Emeraldisle Ramada Inn
Janet & David Ortlieb
Ramada Inn
Donita Osborne
Secret Place according to an anonymous source this is the Knights Inn
Susan Andrews
Secret Place see above
Janette and Joe Dally
Knights Inn
Marty, Dean, Sasha, Maya, Liam & Oengus Zein-Lowry
Reforned PNI members.  Wise to the ways - PNI folks, don't bother with us.
<wink> Puppies?  What puppies??  Look at Deb T's blatant puppy flaunting!
ZenPod (parking it wherever we can.  Hopefull near Kathy & Casesy's buses)
The Mouldy Acres Gang
Rodeway Inn
Diane & Ken with Kemmer and Naomhan and Aoife and probably Filipe Knights Inn
Casey Kilcullen-Steiner & Phyllis Kilcullen with Puppy Dooley and the girls Roxi and Quinella
Knights Inn
Deb Traskos and Parris-the-Puppy Knights Inn
Michelle & Andy Tefft and probably Sabrina
we're available for hound sitting - not members of PNI (yet)
Knights Inn
Mary O'Malley  Knights Inn
Chris Bergman
Holiday Inn
Faye & Terry Cox Knights Inn
Ellen Kroll
Holiday Inn
Steve Fogarty & Rose Hargreaves willing to take any puppies for a 'Holiday' back to Australia Fairfield Inn
Kathy McCraigh Ramada Limited
Maria Lubera Knights Inn
Padraig with Derdriu, Paddy Clancy and oh yea......Darlene Knights Inn
Debbie Sharpe, BAD puppy Rogue, and cute puppy Simon Knights Inn
Ce Hoffman & husband with 5-6 hounds Fairfax Motel
Kathy Brooke and Ron Brooke and various hounds

image planning on having liquid refreshments, some snacks, maybe a meal each night.
Everyone welcome to meet and greet.
Rv Park
Mike Genovese
Holiday Inn
Lisa McKinney & Puppy Colin
Fairfax Motel
Molly McAfee, Gannon and Miss Ena the Crisco Kid
Rodeway Inn
Deirdre McCarthy with Puppy Naire & one other hound
Red Roof Inn
Cindi Simmons, Dewey & ?
Not confirmed yet
Nicole and Shelby Mills (Shelby is 7 years old and wants Kathy Brooke's standard poodle and all the IW puppies) Note to Nicole:  bring a very large vehicle
Home Englewood Ohio
A.I. Gottsch with Mugsy and Neener-Neener (Nattie) Knights Inn
Susan Andring-Holihan and Sweet Rottweiler Cash
available for hound holding & guarding from PNI
Rodeway Inn
Bob and Estelle Flynn & multiple hounds
Holiday Inn
Janet, Linda and Jamie Souza with Tate and Brogan
Holiday Inn
Bonnie Leider and Emery with IWs Cher, Lira, Gael and pups Vester & Sir
(only a whelping box will keep me from attending)  Attention PNI Members!
RV Park (to be confirmed later)
Stephanie Whitney with Ciaran, Anais & Maggie
Holiday Inn
Gayle with Ciara, Zoe and Culhwch
Knights Inn
Phyllis Isabelle, possibly Gil and Zak   Knights Inn
Lynne Rosebrock & Lois Thomasson
will have free hands for  puppy nabbing, oops puppy holding
Holiday Inn
Bill and Susan Turczyn
Rv Park
Maureen McCreery with Gillie, Aine and Aisling
Knights Inn
Karen Frederick & Mike Ferris with Clare, Kameryn & Lucy
Victoria Green Plains Farm this place looked awesome on the web site
Chris Bergman & Cassie
Holiday Inn
Carol Jorczak & Indy
Holiday Inn
Dave & Risha B. with the girls
Holiday Inn
Casey Nesbitt with Val Lowdon & 5 other bitches
Carrying goodies for Chris Bergman
Rv Park in the Big White Bus

It should be noted that the Holiday Inn is the Specialty Headquarters and the Knight's Inn is The List headquarters (and rumoured to be full of PNI members.

Direct questions to Michelle